US Open 2013, qualifying round, day 2

The ground wad ready for the event. Food vendors were open. The most ready I’ve seen so far. Shuttle buses are running. Security guards by the entrance. Bobby was leading by a break in the first set when got there. Hope we didn’t jinxed him. Caught the last game of men’s where the American in yellow top lost too. We left when Alexandra “Allie” Kiick was leading on court 17 vs Hibi who plays with single hand back hand. Kiick eventually lost to M. Hibi with 2 : 1 (6 : 3) (3 : 6) (6 : 1) Sets. Not a good day for the Americans.

He's leading ..

8/21: Flavio Cipolla @ Court 17

He looks so uncomfortable

8/21: He looks so uncomfortable

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