Top spin

Slowpoke tried with Barry today and liked it.  He worked on her forehand top spin only.  She asked me few times about it, but I didn’t want to give her any advice since my forehand isn’t good.  It turns out, my backhand isn’t either.  Barry took few minutes to hit with me, and pointed out I don’t use my legs … never get up completely, which is wrong.  Ha.  ….. hmmmmm … I thought about Woodie: kiss, keep it simple sweetie.  I know tennis more than trading, hence I feel comfortable trying different ways and seeking techniques from various players and coaches.  Would I be better off stick with just one school of thought?  Maybe.  It seems to be working for me in trading.  Has my tennis improved over the years?  Yes.  A thin line.  Well, life itself has many options.

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