Sunday night 2012-3

Where  Sportime at Roslyn, har-tru surface
When   Sundays 7:30pm – 10pm
What    Doubles and mixed doubles
Cost      $15 (2 hrs w/ balls)
Format  Regular game w/ court change at 9pm
Ladder   tentatively planned in January 2013
Charity Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition

2012 – 2013 Season

  1. Oct 21, 24 spots
  2. Oct 28, 16 spots
  3. Nov 4, 28 spots
  4. Nov 11, 24 spots
  5. Nov 18, 20 spots (3 courts used for 8.0)
  6. Nov 25, 20 spots
  7. Dec 2, 20 spots
  8. Dec 9,
  9. Dec 16,
  10. Dec 23,
  11. Dec 30,
  12. ..
  13. more to come ..



It’s no accident that tennis uses the language of life… service, advantage, break, hold, love… The lessons of tennis is the language of maturity. Tennis makes you perceptive, proactive, reactive all at the same time. Tennis teaches you the subtlety of human interaction, the curse and blessing of cause and effect. Tennis teaches you there’s no such thing as perfect, you wanna be perfect, you hope to be perfect, and then you’re out there and realize you’re far from perfect. And after playing tennis, you never forget that we are all connected.

Andre Agassi


About this group

We play for a good cause, with a group of players, male and female with NTRP 3.5 and up. The matches are competitive yet friendly, on Sunday night 8-10 pm at Sportime @ Roslyn, from late October to the end of April or, till no one comes -:). The schedule is flexible: you sign up (or cancel by 3pm on Saturday) when you receive an invitation in the email (on EventBrite). It’s that simple.

The club has 9 har-tru court (6 and 3) at 1 Landing Road location.

You can arrange/request your partner/opponents by mutual agreement.

All proceeds are used to pay for the organizational expenses associated with each event, that includes donation to a charity at the season end; happy hours if possible. No profit is budgeted or expected.

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Fees and cancellation:

Court fee: US$15 for 1 match, per player, balls are provided. ($50 for 4 matches for players on my usta teams.)

We prefer payment in advance via PayPal or JPM Chase or cash.  Check and plastic are not welcome. If you must pay with credit or debit card via Paypal, please add 2.9% of total sent plus $0.30 per transaction to your total due to Paypal policy.

Refund: will be issued at end of the season or upon request for those who paid $50:
$50 or
$35  will be refunded after playing 1 match.
$20  will be refunded after playing 2 matches.
$5  will be refunded after playing 3 matches.

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Sign up and cancellation

You need to sign up each week when you receive an invitation in the email.

Although we strive to accommodate all but it is a first come first serve situation.  Please sign up early to secure your spot. The wait list players will be notified via email as soon as a spot is open.

Tardiness: The game starts at 8:00pm but please arrive at 7:30 to get court assignment, meet your friends/foes and take care of the court fee if you haven’t.  As a courtesy to others, there is $10 penalty if you are not ready to play by 8:00 pm. You’re free to cancel before 3pm on Saturday – please make sure to get a confirmation from me, OR find a comparable replacement. Failing to show up for work, you’ll incur wrath from three fellow players plus $15 penalty. Please be considerate to others, do not leave early, unless there is emergency.

Here is how to cancel on EventBrite if you’ve an account, or call/text me.

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The scoring format

May we suggest the following: play with regular game scoring till end of each hour.  At 9 pm, the losing pair from Court 1 moves to Court 2 to switch with Court 2 winning team. The same goes for Court 3 with 4 and Court 5 with 6 (if we have odd number of courts, the last court stays put.)  It’s at players’ consent either splitting up for the second hour, or staying the same.

When there are many requested courts, we may use different format.

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How to get there by LIRR

For city slickers, take Port Washington Branch from Penn to Great Neck, I can pick up/drop off.
Penn – Great Neck -> 6:18 pm – 6:55 pm
Great Neck – Penn -> 10:50 pm – 11:25 pm

Someone in the group can usually drop you off at a subway station if it’s more convenient. Be safe first, tennis 2nd for once -:).

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