The 4th match: 1-2

Our fourth match; met two new mates of the team. We played on hard, courts 2, 3 and 5 at Randall’s Island. I haven’t crossed the Triboro Bridge in a while it coat $7.5 ($6.5 with EZ pass perhaps?). Our match was competitive – I got a hit on the head from the guy during the warm up -:(. We lost first set in a blink at 1 and came back to win the second at 2. In the 3rd set tiebreak, we were trailing behind 0-4 but managed to get to 7-6 when the girl served. During the match, quite few of my lobs worked well but at this late stage of the deciding set, they called my long baseline lob out. My partner served at 7-8 but was unable to hold, we lost the it at 7. 1D was a timed match, they splited.

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