Djokovic v Nishikori

Four sets, 4 hours and 15 minutes, Kei Nishikori gets himself into the final. First Asian male. Rain pours down soon after the match is over. Oh well.
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This must be the first year that so many past masters show up in doves to coach. Boris Becker, who at 17 won the Wimbledon in 1985. Michael Chang won French Open in 1989 at 17 too. They both set the record for being the youngest. However Becker would go on to win five more Grand Slam titles while Chang none.


The cubs of those four former champions (Becker and Edberg have 6 GS titles each and Chang and Ivanisevic have one each) made into semi finals. … Can one image IF Gael Monfils is more interested in winning a match than entertaining?


Among those four coaches, Becker changed the most from their playing days.

Uniqlo, Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer is sponsoring both Djokovic and Nishikori.


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