Greed, is good?

Kei Nishikori lost in 3 sets, 3, 3 and 3. The disappointment is written all over his face. Considering after first doubting he would play at all (a cyst on his right foot which required surgery in August), shouldn’t he feel over-joyed?

Of course NOT.

It’s our human nature. Once we spot something within our reach, no matter how far and improbable the circumstance has been, we want that trophy or to accomplish that task.

The doper Cilic (intentional or unintentional…) won, that came with cool $3 million. Btw, Serena Williams earned $4 million, a record in tennis — $3 million for the title, plus a $1 million bonus for having had the best results during the North American summer hard-court circuit. 

Way to go girl!


锦织圭输的即整齐又快:三局,3, 3, 3. 明显的失望清楚的写在他的脸上。其实考虑到他都可能无法参加这次的比赛,因为他的右脚的手术需要在八月囊肿,相反,他是不是应该感到满意?当然不是。这是我们人类的本性。一旦我们发现我们力所能及的事情 – 垂手可得,无论多么遥远,多么不可能的情况下,我们都自然的希望拿到这个奖杯或完成这个任务。赢家 Cilic (七离?),去年因为使用了禁药(有意或无意的..)没有参加,今年挣了300万美元。顺便说一句,小威赢得了400万美元,是网球的纪录 – 300万美元的冠军,再加上100万美元的奖金,在北美夏季硬地有最好的结果。

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