My teams

I don’t know tennis much, I just play it. When the ball comes I hit it. I don’t spend time to think how I hit it. If I hit a top spin what would happen, and if I hit a backhand slice what would happen. It’s same way I handle my life – I do not analyze it but just to live it.
Wittingly or unwittingly, we get into a situation that beyond our control.
There was one captain that I remembered fondly. She was friendly, perhaps was the first captain I had length conversation on court with. She was a lot of fun, often came to work (ops, I meant play) with a glass of wine. I just adored her. But her team always stick to the bottom, season after season. When I actually played her as opponent I found her game was at my level. I supposed that I made playoff all the time only because I had awesome mates. Not to my drawing power but the credit goes to the group of friends who wanted to have fun together. The first few teams were all with friends we played together for more than a decades. They spoiled me. Some mates on the team worked the night often for extra income but would always come to our team’s rescue. I don’t like to drive. There was always someone offering me a ride. One night two mates came to pick me up after work. When I saw two boxed dinners in the car, I felt guilty. It should have been me picking them up.

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