The last Monday night in October [27] in 1986 I was awoken from a deep sleep by the mixed sounds of human shouting, car horning, beer cans scorched and bottles throw onto the ground.

World War III? I briefly thought. When I regained my full consciousness, I nixed the war theory. USA doesn’t really have a habit of hosting war on her soil. I listened closely, the human voice was cheers in English, but mostly were Spanish.

I am a good sleeper, soon afterward I felt asleep again. The following when I went to school, I saw the littered streets and the atmosphere was like Mardi Gras, light and festival. Mets had won the World Series, in game 7, the deciding game.

The classroom was filled with excitement and the teacher spent better part of the time talking shops, aka baseball with the student.

I was bewildered.

It was my first education in the capitalism. Sport 101 and Darryl Strawberry who hit a homer in the last game came into my view. He would be forever the Mr. Baseball for me. I soon learned, that the baseballers, and athletes in the major league, namely, football, basketball and a slightly in distance the ice hockey, they make fortune. Their salary is astronomical. I was shocked. How could that be? They are just athletes. In a FOB mind (Fresh off the Boat), the scientists should be making that type of income.

  • Three strikes you’re out
  • Touch down
  • It’s a lay up
  • Slam dunk
  • ..

Sports equate fair. I think the enormous success of sports in USA is because the Americans’ romantic and idealistic view of their country and that of us, the immigrants who came.



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