That’s it?

That’s it for the Cardinals? The 100 yard interception touch down by the Steelers? It’s only half time. If the Cardinals made to the Super Bowl last year they would have played on home turf. Oh well .. ..

Avon does commercial on Super Bowl. Hmmmmmmmmm .. Andrea Jung is doing well, especially when job market is so bleak. Long time ago I had an opportunity to interview her, but didn’t pursue it. My bad.

Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch)’s commercials are always good and enjoyable. Now they’re not even owned by the Americans .. errr .. by the Belgians. Hey how come I didn’t see the America beer drinkers took to the street for the globalization like the Frenchies?

We’re having hot pot dinner for the super bowl party, washing it down with Charles Krug‘s 2004 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon. Very yummmy.. ..

Anyone saw Roger Federer cry? Between him and Nadal, I’ll take Roger any time .. But sorry I like Sampras more and his record is still intact ..

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