Got my park pass today, $34 for three years, and did 1250 yard in the pool.

Wimbledon is coming to an end. Looking at the players who are still standing, four of them have won 76 grand slam singles since 1995, over their long career. The longevity, Serena is on the pro tour for 24 years, is almost unheard of, which leaves very little for the rest of the players, male and female. Many slam-less  players would have won, but because of the four, they’re likely to retire without wining at least one grand slam title.

Roberto Bautista Agut never wins a slam but his prize money is $10 million as of now. So he’s doing more than ok. In comparison, Roger won $124 million and Serena $88 million, in spite of her three slam titles more than Roger.

  1. Serena Williams: 23 37: 1981.9.26; turned pro in 1995, first win 1999F
  2. Roger Federer: 20 37: 1981.8.8; 1998, 2003W
  3. Rafael Nadal: 18 33: 1986.6.03; 2001, 2005F
  4. Novak Djokovic: 15 32: 1987.5.22; 2003, 2008A
  5. Simone Halep: 1 27: 1991.9.27; 2006, 2018F
  6. Roberto Bautista Agut: 0 31 1988.4.14

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