The line calls

🎾 2-6, 6-4, 3-6 🎾

The line calls are problematic. Remember, if a ball looks 99% out, it IS still 100% IN. (More bad linecalls: the 2nd serve😉 The reason behind this, is due to the etiquette: be gracious – having doubt? Then give your opponent the point. Secondly, if the partners have different call, then it’s your opponents’ point. When you look at a point, taking your time to call it in or out, Are you really looking at the mark or having your own personal struggle?

喔 春节就要到了

上: 人家家属做的 cookies … 好好吃
下: 哪里的稻香村 … 马马虎虎 …

Line call: if it’s 99% out then it’s 100% in.

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