Where is the pressure?

“You’re 23, you’re healthy, wealthy, your family is good. Where is the pressure?” Boris Becker hits out at Naomi Osaka over media stance.

In a statement announcing her withdrawal, Osaka made it clear that media interactions had taken a toll on her mental health. The 23-year-old revealed she had been suffering from depression since 2018 and claimed she would get bouts of social anxiety when interacting with the media as she is not a natural English speaker.

She has been living and training in U.S. since age three, “not a natural English speaker” is an outright lie.

“Is that really pressure? Isn’t it pressure when you don’t have food on the table? When you’ve got to feed your family and you don’t have a job? When you have a life-changing injury? Isn’t that more pressure?” Boris Becker said. “You’re 23, you’re healthy, you’re wealthy, your family is good. Where is the f****** pressure?”

Good question. Isn’t mental toughness a part of everyone’s life, if you want to be on top? Her quitting the French Open and Wimbledon, two tournaments that she never advanced beyond 3rd round, perhaps didn’t make as a big news as she and her endorsors had hoped for? Lukewarm to say the best. Another controversy is the hammer thrower Gwen Berry who turned her back to the flag at Olympics trail where she earned a third place, which meant she made the team to Tokyo. But the overwhelming comments on Facebook is, to bar her from representing the country.

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