Fatso …

Recently, I noticed a little change in the active wear industry: they showcase the fatso next to the perfect bodied models. 

Isn’t this something to celebrate? 

Let’s face it : how many of us has the perfect body?

… that 99% body type get a spot on the commercial 👏🏻 Athleta is one of many active wear brand, nothing really special but by putting up a fatso is eye catching, simply great. Buy from it, Gap’s many brands.

哇 99% 的体型在广告上占有一席之地 👏🏻 Athleta (Gap’s) 是众多运动服品牌之一,没啥特别的,但是通过放一个胖子很引人注目,棒 🐂. 变粉 起买.

Happy Monday 

The skirt sells for $69 and the skinny short at $59.


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