Seeing Serena, 2021

Seeing Serena by Gerald Marzorati, published on June 15, 2021.

He begins with, that this book is not an authorized biography and that his access to her, merely as a journalist who writes for New Yorker. All the info is from his own cumulation and from that of his peers.

In the book, the author discussed the Thiem – bad personality episode.

He also wrote about the Belgium player Justine Henin’s hand job at 2003 French Open. (reporting on the case, from Tennis and Greg Couch @ 4:25 mark.) Henin did put her hand up and caused Serena to miss her first serve but the chair umpire didn’t see the hand job, denied Serena’s first serve. At that point, Serena was leading … but ended up losing the match. (Head to head, Williams leads 8-6.) Very, very unsportsmanship.

Seeing Serena (2021) 📖 看到小威

作者Gerald Marzorati 为纽约客写网球. 上个月出版的这本书没有特别通行道 都是积累. 他自己所见所闻+其他同行的报道. 写的挺中正.

Margaret Court 玛格丽特阔特 的24 单打 满贯 一直是小威追赶的目标. 但阔只赢了11个公开赛的满贯.在很多人心里 威的23 就是才是公开赛的记录.
不知道她锲而不舍的在追啥. 同感.
完美主义? 同感.
就是喜欢打. 同感.

2⃣️ 是她老爸 … [捂脸] 很难忍受的一个人. 总是希望他闭口 走开… 但每每想起他调教了二个开心阳光又成功的娃 (姐妹俩赢了一大堆双打大满贯和奥运金牌🏅️)
算了(俺收声走开) 让他享受一下他二秒钟的风光吧 [偷笑] (还记得他在温网💃吗 [捂脸][捂脸][捂脸])

3⃣️ 她2021温网 夸张吗?

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