The flag vendor

So, the US Open tennis 2021 is underway and vendors come in doves as well, selling from bottled water ($3 for a spring or $5 for two) to flags. I’m bit of surprised to see the Japanese and Korean flags but not Chinese. The sweet lady said, she’ll get me one 🙂 all in good spirit. Thank you.

An update: the sweet lady did get Chinese flags when I returned on Thursday. The Program stand is still doing a brisk business: Program + daily for $20, $5 for a daily alone and $20 for a poster). Thought the program and daily could be replaced by smartphone, unless you would like it as a souvenir.

The bottled water, sells by the street vendors this summer:

  • $1 on Brooklyn Bridge
  • $2 at Yankee
  • $3 for a bottle or $5 for two at US Open
  • $5 at AMC Fresh Meadows 7 plus sales tax

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