Popied in Hilton Head

And it’s only 11am.

The Dow is going down the tube. All the talking heads are, well, talking. Hey, talkers, we’ve seen the triple digit ups and downs all the time, pls don’t make big deal out of it?

Got up early, did few laps in the out door pool and biked to Port Royal Racquet for the 9-10am hitting session. Yesterday when we played, the pro who looked like a fisherman with the umbrella shaped hat came out inviting us to join his drill. I couldn’t get Pumpkin up in the morning – I tried but unsuccessful. Ended up I was the only one there. The club has 10 clay, really har-tru and 4 hard courts. They used to have a grass too. The pro, ok .. he’s kinda cute, bad teeth with a grunt I’ve never heard of on court .. kinda like a lion about to jump off or being mad to catch his prey.. 🙂 ..

I hadn’t had a lesson for over a year and it’s very hard for me to keep up with him. He only did 30 minutes since I was the only one.

When I got home, everyone’s sleeping. Lord, that’s some life.

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