Port Royal Racquet Club

The tennis club at Port Royal is part of Port Royal Golf Club. It has an USTA league or leagues. Today lady’s senior (50+) 3.5 played at the club – season opener. We watched a bit after our games. They were gracious in manner and generous with line calls, the southern belle’s hospitality? Their tennis bags are all frilly and pinkish. .. however, Hilton Head strikes me as more cosmo and sophisticate than many southern cities ..

Pumpkin asked if I would join a league, I first said no, that I have enough tennis groups to play with. But then I said that I won’t rule it out in the future – I did enjoy when I was with it. NY’s USTA leagues are definitely a different bred, with NY attitude, I can deal with it. The league play provides the competitiveness that I don’t find within my buddies.

The cat was cute. Always trying to find a way into the pro shop.

Quickly I found or formed my routine: swim 15 minutes then head to the drill (more of hitting) session with Dana, the Lion who reminds me of Todd Martin. He commented on my backhand that I was slow in bringing back the racquet. It registered. So this afternoon when I played with Pumpkin, I hit lots of backhands. It felt good. A process. Work in progress. We’ll see at beginning of the summer if my game has improved.

We left before the ladies. The cars at the parking lot are all premium brands. The setting of the island is very subdue and subtle. There aren’t loud facades or gates. If you come for the first time in the night, finding your resort can be a chore. There are riff raff on the island but I just don’t see them often.

Dana asked if my right wrist still hurt. Well. It does, feeling tender. Would not use it unless I have to. But it doesn’t feel hurting more. I ran more to hit a backhand than taking it forehand. My right ankle is hurting too. I should have sued the parking lot. Shheeeshi.

The golf course at Port Royal isn’t as nice as in Sea Pines. I found Sea Pines is the most desirable area of the island. King had a great day on the green. The weather was bit cloudy and rained briefly couple of times. So Golfer said they had the course to themselves and King got to play out all his rounds.

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