Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Kamila Valieva (2006-)

A very controversial Olympics (XXIV, Feb 4-20) to say the least.

91 nations with nearly 3,000 athletes in 109 events in 7 sports. The slogan is Together for a Shared Future 一起向未来 and it was opened by president Xi Jinping.

Russians go there under ROC banner because their old doping scandal. Why would they be allowed to compete in the first place?

  1. How many people are still watching the Olympics nowadays?
  2. 11 countries diplomatic boycott the game, incl. US, UK, Canada and Australia, Taiwan, …
  3. the covid-19 pandemic or Omicron is still raging …
  4. Putin of Russia is about to invade Ukraine
  5. The athletes switching their alliances, high profile such as Eileen Gu and massive foreign athletes playing for the Chinese ice hockey teams
  6. A mother of eight in Xuzhou is chained by her neckMrs. Xi for real or made up by wishful thinking netizens.
  7. Credit Suisse revealed: unmasks criminals, fraudster and corrupt politicians 

The winter games? Seem the least interesting subject. And the bad judges … “Who’s f***ing judge?” fumes Fanny Smith of Switzerland. 


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