Camila Giorgi 卡米拉·乔治, 1991

Camila Giorgi (1991-; 2006; $5m) is the Italian player I like, not for her playing – three career titles and her highest rank was #26 in 2018, but for her court outfits: always pretty and tasteful.

This year in Paris, however, someone finds her commercial logo too beg, and the chair umpire Jennifer Zhang (a Beijing native) told her to change, on court, right before her match against Arena Sabalenka the screamer (; ). Thanks lord she won the match.

Are you kidding me? Go get a life.

She lost in the 4th round, to Russian Daria Kasatkina (1997-; 2014; $7.5m) 2 and 2.

Before the start of the tourney, Amélie Mauresmo (1979-; 1993; $15m), the current director and former player with two slams, has said flatly that no pro Putin comment is allowed and the Russian players will not have their flags displayed next to their names. Right or wrong I think it besides the point, but the overwhelming sentiment to support Ukraine is obvious.

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