Why We Swim

📖 Why We Swim 🏊‍♀️ (2020) by Bonnie Tsui 我们为什么游泳 👍

A good book on swimming history, as title suggests, than teaching you how to swim. The author has a tie to Silver Bay YMCA at Lake George.

The Clintons swim in the afternoon, and if one brings up politics, the other one will stop it.

写的好 近代史多 比如 1984 冰岛死里逃生的渔夫Guðlaugur Friðþórsson (1961-), 等等

为啥游? 为了生存 😻

头疼脑热 去游泳
断胳膊瘸腿 去游泳
摊上难题 去游泳
闲着无聊 去游泳
忙里偷闲 去游泳
反正世上没有什么事儿 是游泳解决不了的
大脑进水 更要去游泳
或者游到大脑进满水 🤩
不🈵️不罢休 [呲牙]
💦 💧

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