Pottery 陶器, the 3rd time

This will be my third time starting on pottery. The first time was in Hong Kong, in the early 1980s. The second time was a few years ago in New York. Neither had last.

My gadgets: apron, tools and clays, which came mixed from Amazon.  

This popular class is taught by Lady Di, who was a schoolteacher. It runs for five Mondays.

Week 1: Our first creation is a flower. Then a pumpkin, then moved on to a turtle: the standing one is from the teacher and mine is tired and flattened out -:), and eventually lost one leg.

These creatures need to be room dried then, glazed before going into the kiln, the final step.


Our weekly sessions, six Mondays, from Oct 2 to Nov 6:

ConEd – continue education -:)

  1. Demi Moore
  2. paint over
  3. squeeze bottles, lazy susan
  4. box
  5. push plate

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