Rogers Cup

A great day here in Toronto so far: had dim sum in Chinatown (so so), but then found a marvelous dumpling house on Spadina Av, bought 2 dozen of them.  Golfer couldn’t believe it – feeding this family needs a lot of dough, :), chives and dill. Initially, I wanted to go to the dumpling house for lunch but was nixed by King. Turned out, he loved it.

Why didn’t New York have such wonderful dumpling house? The set up is pretty neat here in Toronto – the store front has the door and two working girls making the dumplings. Passer bys could see what’s going one. A great way to advertise, for those who don’t know what’s dumplings. They taste great. ..(PS.. we ended up eating there 3x during our short stay.)

We’re watching the Rogers Cup, Dubois vs Petrova. This city or country runs by Rogers. Nadia Petrova, the Amazon (in the nicest sense) had won. She has soft hands and charges net. For the same reason I liked the slimmed down version of Lindsay Davenport, I like her too,

北方的憨妹 She is gigantic but very agile, with pair good looking legs.

I went to the game last night at York University.  Nothing to write home about.  It is certainly not as big as at New Haven, where it has Yale.  Years ago, a sports journalist wrote about his experience as ball boy at the New Haven event for the SI.  He recounted as an incoming Yale freshmen, serving towels hands up to others was bit humbling; the decency of Edberg and nastiness of .. what’s his name … whose wife slapped an umpire?  Tarogon?  Right now, a Chinese Yan is playing the pretty Ana Ivanovic, on serve.  The network or the camera men are doing the felting for us, they don’t give much face time to the girls like Petrova or Yan (actually Yan is not that bad looking, just bit odd in form, wearing odd color sneakers).

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