The dream sellers

The other day I had lunch in a joint and a guy sat next to me was on the phone throughout, even while he was chewing. Apparently he works at an up scale men’s club.
.. .. Last Saturday he made $350 for an 8 hours shift. Porn is recession proof. The average girls to work at the club are 22.
“After a week, they’d be like a wrack. I often do baby sitting.”
He started out as an assistant chef. For a girl to make $5,000 a night is usual at the club. But many would gamble it all away, they often play Texas Hold’em till 8 am.
“They sell you a dream.” He said repeatedly.
The celebrities who came were countless. His most memorable one was seeing Michael Jordan, and TO, Terrell Owens came together. Robin Williams, de la Hoya .. The air Jordan is cool.

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