The handicap

My father-in-law’s health has been in decline for number of years. Now he walks with great difficulty. I never really think about handicap that much. But the other day, when we took him to the Citi Field did I think about it. He gave up his handicap licence when he no longer able to drive. My dilemma was what should I do? And thought about it, many handicaps couldn’t drive, so shouldn’t their drivers get the special licence instead? I asked the Citi Field. No, they won’t give me special parking privilege, but replied within few minutes.

Unfortunately, without the Handicapped Parking tags you are not permitted to access the spots.
We would say to get here as early as possible to get parking as close as possible to the Ball Park.
As an alternative, you may drop him and another member of your party at the Bull Pen gate (on Roosevelt Ave) and then go and park your car.

I dropped him off at the Right Field gate on 126 Street @ 37th Avenue, the dumpy auto repair shop row that made the area so undesirable.

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