I love tennis

cimg2380.JPGSlowpoke took her first lesson with Kerner and enjoyed it.  Kerner is a slim man with only-god-knows age, has husky voice: don’t know it’s his natural or teaching (yelling) too much.  After all, the court is huge and you are not likely to be there alone.  He gave her an evaluation, by the time they got to her bank hand valley, he said, “well, if you’re strong enough, you can consider using single hand back hand valley …”  She just did that, with a gracious slice.  I was floored: it’s beautiful, almost picture perfect.  Ok, textbook perfect, to be political correct.  Where on earth did you learn that I asked.  “Watching TV …”  ??? “Since when you actually watch tennis on TV?  You only watch Will & Grace … ”  I floored once more: I watch the Opens every year and picked up nothing, :-(.  During one of the coachings at the net, Kerner asked what’s her most favored sport?  She didn’t reply immediately, as usual.  Kerner said, “I teach tennis, but my favor sport is soccer …”  Perhaps thinking between starvation or a delicious dinner … you know that’s how I treat my kids… :), she surprised me by saying, ‘tennis’.  Do you really, really?  I nearly tossed her into the air … well, that’s untrue, but you can use your imagination.  After the lesson, she whispered, “I like Kerner, he’s strict yet humorous.”  Should I press her for saying like tennis the most among swimming, skiing and lacrosse…?

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