Did I get dumped?

By Sunny?  You bet. 
He dumped me so fast, that I didn’t even get a chance hitting a single shot with him.  When I got to the court, he and Waldo were playing.  As I put down my bag, tied my shoe laces, Kai showed up.  So Sunny told me as matter of factly ‘to play with Waldo’.  Sure.  I haven’t seen Waldo for a while too :-((… lol.  His European tour was quite a success, he banded up with a group of Belgian kids, and did it cheaply. 
Not the Japanese kids? 
No, he said, it would have been too expensive.  He let the Belgian kids use his name to advertise and was able to bring ‘some money home’.  Profit only?  Wait a second, didn’t your golfing buddies ask for pretty blonde groupies?  Nein, the Fraulein are eating too much sausage and drinking way too much Bier…

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