We won!

King’s been playing badminton with me lately. Our first win as a team came last month against Sunny with his daughter.
That didn’t count as much as the win we got last night, against
Paul and Paul.
The 6 footer hubby and the other half of the twins.
They both are better players.
I played with my left hand, trying to preserve my right arm for tennis – 烧包.
It’s our second time as a team. We played without talking.
On the court as in life, many times the winner was the one who makes less mistakes.
And many people refuse to acknowledge it.
We made less mistakes, were relaxed.
They thought they’d won, easily. …. then got tight when they were down from the get go.
Sounds familiar in life?
… …
We lost badly in the second set against two girls. By that time, King was ready to go. He didn’t want to come at all. I forced him.
Thoughtfully, he told me that he’s done more sport at the music camp, and enjoyed the friendly soccer played out at the backyard daily.
“We played every day … once a guy pushed me down on purpose because his team was losing.” It’s all good nature and King felt to the ground, as requested.
“I thought all the piano geeks are timid gentle little people who don’t know how to get physical.” I joked.
He laughed out loud.
My kids are well trained to make me feel better.

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