A 6:4 win

Pumpkin came home all sweaty and tired.  She lost her match last week but won hers today, against a 10th grade boy.  I’m happy for her: the match could have gone either way.  “He made a lot of mistakes.”  Mental toughness’ deciding point there.

After no to take up with Barry again, she enrolled with one of her buddies at a nearby setup, 3 hours each Saturday runs till end of January 2008.  Holly molly, the young coaches mean business.  I think that she prefers group was because of company she’d have, just more fun.  At this stage, enjoyment is more essential.  Ya, my standard is high and I’m pushy, 🙂  If my kids end up to be burden to the society, it’s my fault.  And I’m Chinese.  King seems pretty happy with golf, ‘sure I’ll do it again’.

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