Can not lah

Simon suddenly decided to skip town for 3 weeks, leaving tomorrow morning for home, Singapore. 
I’m devastated, 🙂
Who’s going to take care of me on court?  And can I actually play without his nagging? 
This last Saturday I played with Steve and Sunday I played with Jeff, all gone well, until against Simon and company. 
“I know you too well..” he just sit there and waiting for my shots, and telling everyone to “just hit to her” [and you’ll win]. 
Tonight he’s the first one at the badminton court, thought we’d play together.  Then came the new guy, Herr Jordan Fan who’s really good, and with the sexiest back hand, super sleek and elegant.  When two more guys showed up, Simon decided to drink and be the commentator.  He told Sammy and Michael, “just hit to her” while answering his phone that rang non stop .. The drinking/dancing/singing/tennis buddies are bidding him good byes. 
The atmosphere was very light, with Bud in hand, he made us laugh so hard that we had to stop for a second to re-group.  Jordan is rather serious (or maybe he’s shy), he asked if I could play; after the first set, he asked if I could play the second set, if I need a rest. Is he kidding?  I’m battling those guys day in and day out, they want to kill me as much as I do them, we try at every opportunity we get, lol …
Before he left, Simon announced that I should learn tennis from him and badminton from Fan. 
Are you sure you want to leave?  He assured every single caller that he’ll be back in 20 days.  Can not lah leave you guys .. so much fun lah .. 

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