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Yuan Meng


We had dinner last night with Yuan Meng, Dream Girl and her entourage, Ras and Yu at Dong Yi Feng Seafood (135-29 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354).  More than 20 people showed up.  Tony collected more than $5k.  Second time meeting them, Yu was very warm, so was DG.  After Dick gave a short welcome speech, Yu spoke, mentioned that there are many sponsors chasing them, but they refused.  This donation was different, very heart felt .. Over the course of 10 (?) years, Yu said she never hide anything from DG, except tonight’s dinner. 
“I didn’t tell her a thing.” 
So its a bit surprise to DG.  After fumbling with words, DG got emotional, cried.  They lived in a family style hostel in Flushing, Yu blamed the landlord’s fight late in the night, “I heard knife ..”  So they didn’t sleep well at all, DG lost in the first qualifying round.  If she’s still at it, next year they certainly can stay with any of us.  We had few moments to chat, I found her to be genuine, content, talkative (mostly about herself), acting younger; wasn’t like the scary kitten Yu first encountered, distrusting everyone.  Jonathan said to DG, as long you tried your best, we’re here to support you.  Is this experience talking?  Yu was circling the room, asked me for videos of the night to bring home for the media.

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