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I once heard that golf stands for gentleman only lady forbid.  It’s been a long time since I step onto a golf course.  As King’s camp winding down, they played their finale at the Clearview public course.  The weather was beautiful with refreshing gentle breeze, the surrounding is serene (even adjacent to the highway), the grass and trees are as essential to the game as tonic to the eyes.  No wonder Golfer spends every awakening moment on a course, the tranquility sure beats his screaming n yelling wife (can you image if I was fluent in Chinglish, how much louder would I have been?) .. .. Now, am I risking of losing King .. .. away from nagging mom??  Sweet.

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US Open 2007

I saw Yan Zi  in Toronto when she wore the identical same multi-color shoes, rather odd strokes, but out played Ana Ivanovic sharply.  Sizable buddies turned up there, few of them I haven’t seen in years!  Lord.  Group of them went to lunch with her last years, and said she only speaks Sichuan dialect and English.  Mao had made Mandarin the nation language once he took up residence in Zhongnanhai.  I haven’t met anyone who’s educated and under the age of 60 doesn’t speak Mandarin.  They said her coach is from Sichuan too.  Even athlete needs a balance life.  I’m provincial, but I do consider my yardstick of standard Mandarin and passable calligraphy still holds truth of one’s education background.

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