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This bud is for you

Budweiser – one of my favored beers – makes great commercial, consistently.  I haven’t seen a bad one so far.  The first autumn in the US, in a bar, I was in the mood for Federweisser – the German fresh young wine – so kind of jokingly asked if they have it.  “Federweisser?  No, but we have Budweiser.”  Without asking what it’s, I said “OK”.  Guess my English wasn’t good enough to distinguish F from B, :), so I had my first Bud.  It wasn’t bad at all .. and their commercial is even better; fits in well with my sense of humor anyway.  I’m not a big beer drinker, so a case of Bud can last pretty long, cause Golfer drinks those fancy brands.  So Bud is for the masses, :).  In Austria they have Storm – the red young maiden, the answer to Germany’s white Federweisser.  I miss them all.  Oh, the Apfelwine too.

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Empty seats?

I see empty seats at Wembley Stadium!  Do I need my glasses?  … OMG, baby face Eli just scored his first TD, wtg. ….  Lousy weather, bad grass – who said the grass is greener next door?  Grass is greener right here at home, :).  It’s sort of annoying to see Giants in white color.  Bring the blue back!  What is NFL thinking by picking fall in London?!?!

Dream Theater just had their concert at Wembley, don’t know if they sold out there.  They have much larger following in Europe than at home, the fans in Romania gone wild for them. Dolphins’ uniform is pretty cool – so was Dan Marino, 🙂 – so is Cowboys’, the hue, I mean.   Have few neighbors over here, got to tend to them.  Enjoy the game.

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