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Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub

The Seven Gold Medal winner is upset. Why no one has bothered to invite him to Beijing? It would be a great idea to have him on hand to present the medal to Phelps. Speaking out himself cheapens his legacy.  I for one, would love to see him greeting Michael on and off the deck.

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Gone nuts

I’ve gone nuts and screamed my heart out for the Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay, the Americans beat the French, setting new world record by 4 good long seconds. Golfer came to the room, asking if we could let him sleep.  Pumpkin said appologetically, “it’s Mom ..” 

Did you hear what the Frenchies were saying? Something like .. ‘oh .. The Americans? We’re going to smash them,” Alain Bernard said. “That’s what we came here for.’ .. hahaha .. The last few seconds were remarkable. Jason Lezak (a good looking dude) caught up and won – his anchor leg was a historical 46:06 seconds. Michael Phelps got his second Gold.  Don’t miss out on his reaction!  The roar is epic too.

I last timed myself, the 50m (25 yard x2, the short course) was something in the neigborhood of 45 seconds.  Not too bad for an old bag, no?  Oui.

There is something so elegant and beautiful, and gracious about the swimmers.  Definitely not their nakedness.  The way they create the water flow (breast stroke is excluded, sorry ..), the V shaped body .. .. It’s so mesmerizing and overwhelming.

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Feeling tall

I finally got Pumpkin to play tennis with me last week. No matter where we are, when I walk into a court with her, I always feel very tall, proud and happy.  It’s such a cool feeling that you’re playing with your kids, regardless what it is, they share the same passion with you! 

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A sour loser

I can’t believe that I’m a such sour loser. When I saw my favored swimmers being passed, I would wonder out loud if the leader or leaders is/are taking enhancing drugs. Pumpkin looked at me .. .. Do people get emotional in a multi-nation competition? I think so.

I was surprised to see Mary Carillo does some segments for NBC – gymnasts. Who would believe those babes or jumping fleas still in diaper are actually 16 years old?

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Beijing Opening ceremony


Why do we have to wait for NBC to air it tonight? Go online.. NBC scheduled at 7:30pm when it’s happening in the morning.  In the past, NBC or other major net works would get hammered for not broadcasting live, like French Open.  That’s in the past, we had no recourse.  Now it’s the Youtube era.  My cousin got up at 4am in LA and is watching it online.

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