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Funny or poor taste

Ok, I may have to spend some time in jail .. jk .. by link to this one. It’s funny or poor taste is up to everyone’s imagination. The guy, a trader got fired by Citi over his saucy website. Citi has less humor than ?? 

Oh well, Michael Phelps just won his third Gold, set a new world record in the process.  Girls did well too.  All in all, the swimming is done well today, each event has won by an American and one other American managed silver or broze.

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Yao Ming

My parents met on the basketball court, Dad was the captain of the Katyusha (it’s in the 50s, what do you expect for a name?) and Mom played forward. But I was never infatuated with it. Not even with Yao Ming. Half naked men running around isn’t all that attractive, compare to, i.e. – ice hockey or football. Yes, those two are definitely my favored spectator sports.

“The one thing they do with all of their athletes is drive them into the ground with training. The strongest survive. If you don’t, they’ll find another to come and do it.”  Too bad.  China ought to know how to protect their most valuable possession or investment.  The mentality is so wrong.  1.3b people bred this wrong mentality.  Don’t you see as the joke goes, many Chinese has the biggest house in an area, but it’s mostly empty: they don’t believe to spend money on decorating and maintaining it.

Jiujiu watched it.  He said, “I think China actually won” because in the past, the scores were in 40 pt deficit.  With Yao China managed it to 31.  So it’s a win 🙂 .. he has a point.


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Lang Lang on Adidas

Cross marketing or what? Pianoman wears Adidas. I bet Lang has a lucrative contract than Yuan Meng.  Where is Yundi Li?

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Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub

The Seven Gold Medal winner is upset. Why no one has bothered to invite him to Beijing? It would be a great idea to have him on hand to present the medal to Phelps. Speaking out himself cheapens his legacy.  I for one, would love to see him greeting Michael on and off the deck.

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Gone nuts

I’ve gone nuts and screamed my heart out for the Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay, the Americans beat the French, setting new world record by 4 good long seconds. Golfer came to the room, asking if we could let him sleep.  Pumpkin said appologetically, “it’s Mom ..” 

Did you hear what the Frenchies were saying? Something like .. ‘oh .. The Americans? We’re going to smash them,” Alain Bernard said. “That’s what we came here for.’ .. hahaha .. The last few seconds were remarkable. Jason Lezak (a good looking dude) caught up and won – his anchor leg was a historical 46:06 seconds. Michael Phelps got his second Gold.  Don’t miss out on his reaction!  The roar is epic too.

I last timed myself, the 50m (25 yard x2, the short course) was something in the neigborhood of 45 seconds.  Not too bad for an old bag, no?  Oui.

There is something so elegant and beautiful, and gracious about the swimmers.  Definitely not their nakedness.  The way they create the water flow (breast stroke is excluded, sorry ..), the V shaped body .. .. It’s so mesmerizing and overwhelming.

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