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13:0 Giants vs Patriots

It’s half time, New York Giants is leading New England Patriots 13 to nothing. The demo convention got a few seconds during the half time. Isn’t this cool or what, the presidential race got a few seconds out of half time, when half time was just few commentators, well commenting.  As if frying some cold old rice from last season. Not like having Janet Jackson’s showing other pretty breast or something special. Manning isn’t playing.  No wonder, the president makes far less than a footballer, of any position. It’s America.  US Open is openly being covered live – Ana Ivanovic is out; Nadal is playing an American, DeHeart.  The benefit two weeks of US Open equals to a single Superbowl.  Go figure.

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The fates of two retirees

Michael Strahan and Brett Favre retired early this year. I’d consider them both exited at the height of their career. Smart move. Then something isn’t right, and the QB wanted his old job back. His team said thanks but no thanks. So he ended up with another team. Michael is asked to come back by the Giants.

For one, I feel playing for one team is far noble. Look at LT, Joe Montana, Dan Marino .. jumping to another team, regardless of circumstance, cheapens the memory.

Two, does Favre’s retirement decision sounds like a Las Vegas wedding?

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The New Kids on the Block

I heard people gossiping about little brawl broken out between Moscow and Georgia. The assassin stepped down from presidency to be PM and now turned to be a bully. The West can’t do a thing. America’s army ties down in the Mid east. Might it be the French or German’s turn to police the world?

I couldn’t remember seeing it or read about it, but during one of Phelps’ eight gold medal podium moments (the 6th I think), the US national anthem was cut short, while Bushes were in attendance. ‘Got the land of the free but apparently the home of the brave was no longer available. Did someone foreclose?’ as one writer asked. So I wasn’t the only anal one who noticed, and I wasn’t the only boring one who even linger for the ceremony.

A technical error, or sour grape over one Yankee’s hauling up so many gold?  OR .. they meant business??

I was upset. US deserves respects. Beside, a good host would never embarrass her guest.  You want to make them feel welcome and comfortable.  That’s hospitality 101.  I happened to like the The Star Spangled Banner and love to hear it in its entirety.

There are many other ways to show off your rising power and influence.

New money never smells good and feels right.

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