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Do I want to know .. Serena is out

Oh boy, my pick is out early. She’s injured unfortunately. -:( Love you girl, go get them in Paris.


Last night I played really well, for the first two sets. We (7.5) almost bagel’ed a 8.5 team. My new serve was working.

There were a couple of bad line calls. One was a deep shot to the baseline by my partner. I thought was well within. My partner asked me if it was in. I said yes it was then regretted. I’ve mixed feeling about confirming a bad line call. Wondering if it was the right thing to do because he hit a super hard shot the next point to vent his little annoyance. During my serve I had an ace: I saw it landed on the T and heard the ball hitting the tape. The receiver called it out even the partner started to move to the baseline for my serve. Obviously the partner thought it was an ace, so did my partner. However, the receiver insisted that it was the receiver’s call and it was called out. I confirmed with my partner who said it was good. I was asking myself: was it the right thing to do – asking my partner to confirm a call when he has no right of calling? In my case, I just wanted to know if it’s good and didn’t really care the call. But in a real match, would knowing a wrong call fuels my frustration or even anger? Which won’t be good during a match.

Oh I’m repeating myself here. Anyway, the points standing as of this morning and this afternoon when it finally being updated:



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