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The towels, etc.

The towels is free to use in our club. And there are few members who need more than half a dozen towels all the time. Once I counted the high pile on the bench near her: 10. Not sure how and why would she need 10 towels but it seems to me a waste.

The club in our town was newly built, in 2006. I would have guessed that they would tailor it to fit… Like to install a chute to facilitate the towels, to reduce manpower. The dirty towels or used towels often piled high next to the clean pile during busier times, when the maintenance ladies failed to collect them in time. A chute that deposit the used towels to the washing room would greatly reduce manpower and traffic jams. Just a thought.
Since I’m at it, the bathroom doors could use an indicator if it’s being used. That won’t cost too much but convenience, would it?
Also the q-tip jar is always jammed. Have a little training and please fill it 80% so it is easy and hygienic for all.

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