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Doping in swimming

A huge and gigantic YES to the world and beyond that #FINA 2021 Will Explore Doping History and Awarding Proper Medals.

From 1973 to 1989, DDR East German swimming program had systematically #doped their athletes. Their female swimmers looked like men with manly low voices. American swimmer Shirley Babashoff (1957-) had voice her doubt but was shut down by the media and even some American coaches(!!!), labeling her as the ‘Ugly American’ and ‘Surely Shirley’. 

As it turned out, #ShirleyBabashoff WAS absolutely RIGHT. The E German coaches came out, admitting doping in 1991.

She was a very gifted swimmer, doing sprints 100m to distance 800m. Her three sibling (Jack Jr., Billy and Debbie) are or were swimmers too. BUT very unfortunate for her that she didn’t have the Gold to have endorsements. Her life could have been much different and probably better … As she said, ask Tiger Woods what endorsement can do for you.

I’m wondering, what has FINA and IOC been doing all these decades? Even after the admission of doping in 1991? Those governing bodies are jokes. 

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