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A night of hearts ❤️

Tonight is the heart night: I’ve so many good hands with hearts. No slams tho lol …

One hand I played diamonds and could have been a slam. Then I got lazy, instead playing ♦️9, I casually put out 6 which was closer to me. Yup, I lost the trick to ♦️7.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 😊 整晚都是❤️ 一手接一手的

This hand I’ve a singleton, was pretty happy but it was the trump suit 😂. I led ♠️ A K, then ♣️3 the third round. My left followed with ♣️A … We won the hand, hands down.

这手有个单张 高兴😊 … 然后 就没有然后了 – 人家的王牌🃏 😂

俺出的 ♠️ A K, 第三轮是♣️3 , 左手跟了♣️A … we won the hand, hands down [呲牙]

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Dolphin kick

I started to practice dolphin kick recently – my big dream is to swim the fly – the butterfly. For 22 yard pool, I can do in one breath, from 28 to 33 kicks each time.

For some reason, I couldn’t utilize the fins – they always got in my way.

  1. DK 101 and your hamstrings. And really using your hips on the kick. You’ll be able to get back to the up kick which is the more powerful part of the kick. Now again the best sewers in the world.
  2. blue – and the down kick uses the back of your body your lower back glutes and hamstrings. Most people who struggle with dolphin kick need to either increase the speed of the down kick.
  3. Chloe Sutton’s 6 min demo in 2018

Here’s an interesting kicks stats

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