Queens semi final

Due to scheduling mistake, the 7.0 mixed doubles played at City View. The Metro Local League Coordinator warned us that:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a private club and they do not allow food deliveries or meals (chinese food, pizza) to be brought into their facility. If you team chooses to bring snacks (i.e fruit, crackers/cheese) please make sure you clean up when you are done and the club is left clean and neat.

So we got some kielbasa and durian.. ok .. joking aside .. we starved to death.

Eight players (out of 10) showed up for work. My team is famous for handsome guys, beautiful gals and awesome couples: I have 3 pairs of love birds on my team, and I haven’t heard any bathroom argument, yet.

We faced Vogt/Kende. Our first doubles was leading 5-1 in the first set but ended up losing it 7-5. Wah was really mad and lost first game in the second set … However they came back to win the second set at 6-1 and took command of the super tiebreak. More pix on FB.

The league (forgot his name .. Steve?) man’s calling out matches for the semis. We were able to sit on Court 3 watching our First and the Second pairs play.

The other semi was Kim vs Rowe/Bailey. Kim won and would face us in the final.

1st 5-7, 6-1, 10-6
2nd 6-2, 6-4
3rd 6-7, 3-6

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