Getting hit

One of my mixed doubles partners likes to say that he’ll only hit hard at the girl in retaliation. Although his manner on court is short of volcano but he’s true to his word. Of course there is a hint of bragging, a.k.a. he could extract a win from him (not her), which is often true too.
Yesterday I stayed a little to watch my team play. The 3D dude caught my attention right away: he hit very hard at my girl who’s at net. Then couple of games later he hit her back with an overhead. His partner made comment to my girl:
” .. oh at least you turned away.”
Maybe I’m just being a mother hen: I didn’t like it.
The only little comfort was that my team was leading, 4-1.
Then the lead faded. They lost the first set. I couldn’t bear to watch, and left. Near the end of dinner, Ron text me the result. I had a toast for the 3D win in the super tie break, a good pay back.
Tennis is a fair game and I’ve no problem taking a hit but for all the times I’m in the league (and elsewhere), guys in the mixed game are 99% gentlemen: they just don’t do maniac stuff. If there is a unwritten code or etiquette, this one will be on the top.
Ok, I know we the 3.5ers have limited skill in term of control the ball, but still ..
1D: 6-4, 6-4
2D: 6-3, 3-6, 8-10
3D: 4-6, 7-6, 10-4

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