Another sweep

My first match in the Queens team last night; was scheduled to play the third string but Jenn said her leg hurt so we moved to the 2D. Erwin was waiting for one of his players, so we didn’t exchange lineup after my teammates all took their courts – kind of at disadvantage – the opposing team could alter their lineup accordingly but I knew Erwin won’t cheat.

1D has it easy (just kidding), and I saw some really great rallies, esp when Jess was at the net. 2D and 3D both won 10-3 in third.

Guey and Hazel played with me over the last summer, almost every weekend. She has improved a lot and hit some amazing down the ally shots on my expenses. Guey served and played well but unfortunately double faulted in the tie break, I think at least three times.

Thanks Ricky for carrying me; he kept reminding me to stay behind the baseline when receiving Guey’s serve and stay there for his returns. Wah also told me plenty of times (so did Simon..) to stay behind the baseline .. boy do I have a brain!! Over all, I do better with a talking partner -:)

We’ll play them again this coming Monday. Two courts only. Hazel is texting me about ‘revenge’ now -:).

Hope all the global trotters have arrived their destination safe and sound.

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