The end of a very controversial game

Photo courtesy: Guo Jian   

Beijing winter Olympic is over, China collected her most gold in a winter game: 9, ranking 3rd, one spot ahead of USA. NYT terms it the joyless spectacle (2022.2.20). WSJ “highlight its divisions” and “never do it again.”

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong’s performance, reportedly, was excellent. 👍 I just watched Anna Shcherbakova who won the gold on Youtube: she’s so beautiful, and couldn’t believe my eyes that not a single teammate congratulated her and everyone was consulting the little drug user: Anna’s Russian, isn’t she, for Pete’s sake?


Photoshopped? I don’t think she would do it.

奥运结束 🇨🇳最成功的冬季 👏🏻 奖牌赢排名第三 (🇺🇸小四; 女🏒️又输给了🇨🇦 😹).

新闻报道常规. 几乎被其它劲闻淹没: 谷娃娃转国和2金一银; 八娃妈和链; 🇷🇺 吃药娃和金牌; 贼眉鼠眼普京和乌克兰… 哦御 鹅的天啊 [捂脸] 明明是属于俺北京的二个多星期的荣誉和光芒 结果…

老贼也太不识相了 习大大的大爬他竟然敢集军闹事炒蹭热度 (阻扰🇺🇦加入北约)真不厚道. 听说大大还给刚刚赏了他一个1000亿美元能源协议… 这哪里是朋友呀!?

今天BBC报道 乌克兰🇺🇦总统跑去慕尼黑(享受起立鼓掌)捶胸顿足 指天画地的要求加入NATO北约…

蛋痛 蛋痛 蛋痛 [呲牙]

刚刚看了 灰姑娘Anna Shcherbakova [强] 比那个吃药 💊的漂亮多了 … 有没有看到她赢了金牌后没有队友祝贺她 [捂脸] 简直了

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