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Commitment issue

Tina the coach looked different: she cut her hair short, permed but only the sides and top was still flat, odd.  And she got mouthful braces.  At this age?  Anyway,  it’s last week of the session, so the four of us played games without any drills.  The first summer session starts next week, as usual she pressed me to join the girls’ league.  I’ve done it in the past, had fun with it, more intense and competitive, going around LI for tourneys … practice twice a week in the morning and the third day is match playing with other clubs.  I just don’t see myself can devote that much of day time to do it.  They’re quick to say, well, you don’t have to come both days to practice … but still I’m not sure I’d give up 2 days of trading to do it … the timing is just bad, all during 9am-1pm or so.  Oh lord, it’s very hard to say no, repeatedly … they just don’t give up … lol …

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