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Her first goal

cimg2512.JPGYep, my baby scored her first goal at lacrosse.  I’m soo darn proud of her … we had drinks … although they lost 3 only won 1 so far: too many girls and the coach’s reluctant to make 2nd cut.  They had one cut only that only eliminated few and still with 50 on the team.  I’m not kidding you.  The Dukies are really inspiring, lol… ok, that’s a bad joke.  But I really don’t understand why they should entertain 50 girls when only 20 or so are needed.  So everyone who wishes to participate can join .. but on the other hand are we teaching the girls that no matter what, as long as they wish, they deserve on the team regardless of their own merit?  A thin line.  Ok, it’s beyond me, the housewife, huanglianpo, lol … I’ll stop.

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