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Ice skating

Sarah Hughes in the background. … what happened to that elfin Sasha Cohen?

I stayed around after dropping off Slowpoke at ring tonight.  She’s been ice skating with her g/fs lately and I’m very happy now that she could actually enjoy it with her friends, than say going to hang out at malls or doing nothing, lol…  I sat at the hall after taking some pictures.  Felt bit lost: it’s as if only yesterday that I took them to ice skate.  Kinglazy had all kind of trouble, either his feet hurt or he’s tired, or thirsty for hot chocolate or water, or bathroom run … when Slowpoke ran straight into the ring once I laced her up.  I was surprised for she’d never skate before.  To keep up with her, I took ice skating lessons too.  It’s a regulation size, large enough to hide on the other end from her, lol.  Oh, Golfer encouraged me to join the ice hockey league!  Hey, people didn’t you know it’s not my sport? … Actually it’s been a decade …  The girls were very sweet to each other.  We were 40 minutes late and they rushed out from the ring to greet Slowpoke. …

Are my chauffeuring days numbered?

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