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Can not lah

Simon suddenly decided to skip town for 3 weeks, leaving tomorrow morning for home, Singapore. 
I’m devastated, ūüôā
Who’s going to take care of me on court?¬† And can I actually play without his nagging?¬†
This last Saturday I played with Steve and Sunday I played with Jeff, all gone well, until against Simon and company. 
“I know you too well..” he just sit there and waiting for my shots, and telling everyone to “just hit to her” [and you’ll win].¬†
Tonight he’s the first one at the badminton court, thought we’d play together.¬† Then came the new guy, Herr Jordan Fan who’s really good, and with the sexiest back hand, super sleek and elegant.¬† When two more guys showed up, Simon decided to drink and be the commentator.¬† He told Sammy and Michael, “just hit to her” while¬†answering his phone that rang non stop .. The drinking/dancing/singing/tennis buddies are¬†bidding him¬†good byes.¬†
The atmosphere was very light, with Bud in hand, he made us laugh so hard that we had to stop for a second to re-group.¬† Jordan is rather serious (or maybe he’s¬†shy), he asked if I could play; after the first set, he asked if I could play the second set, if I need a rest. Is he kidding?¬† I’m battling those guys¬†day in and day out, they want to kill me as much as I do them, we try at every opportunity we¬†get, lol …
Before he left, Simon announced that I should learn tennis from him and badminton from Fan. 
Are you sure you want to leave?¬† He assured every single caller that he’ll be back in 20 days.¬† Can not lah¬†leave you guys .. so much fun lah ..¬†

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A 6:4 win

Pumpkin came home all sweaty and tired.¬† She lost her match last week but won hers today, against a 10th grade boy.¬† I’m happy for her: the match could have gone either way.¬† “He made a lot of mistakes.”¬† Mental toughness’ deciding point there.

After no to take up with¬†Barry again, she enrolled with one of her buddies at a nearby setup,¬†3 hours each Saturday runs till end of January 2008.¬† Holly molly, the young coaches mean business.¬† I think that she prefers¬†group¬†was because of company she’d have, just more fun.¬† At this stage, enjoyment is more essential.¬† Ya, my standard is high and I’m¬†pushy, ūüôā¬† If my kids end up to be¬†burden to the society, it’s my fault.¬† And¬†I’m Chinese.¬†¬†King seems pretty happy with¬†golf, ‘sure I’ll do it again’.

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A shutout home opener

        The home opener was a shutout event.  Pumpkin won her doubles 6:2, the happy duo walked off giggling.  They both played sharp and hard.  They giggled at start, either their way to deal with nervousness or just doubles has more fun Рyour partner carries half the pressure.

One parent suggested that we need to do a fund raising for new courts.¬†¬†Gosh, you have to see to believe it: the courts look like 3rd world!¬† Few years ago I took them to visit my middle/high school in Beijing, they were impressed, ‘wow, mom, this is¬† your school?’¬† The rose-tinted¬†track and field, tranquil blueish 50 meter indoor pool .. .. were really world class.¬† Superficial?¬†¬†What’s going on inside the classrooms are not easy to measure..¬†¬†China will beat us back to the moon, said NASA Administrator Michael Griffin two weeks ago.

Ran into few mothers, some I played with long time ago, some I knew but haven’t seen for few years.¬† One Korean mom chatted me up – rather one sided – telling me her 12th grade son is doing very well, busy, participate in chamber music – playing violin, golf and something else; kept on saying that he has to do very well academically .. he wants to go to Brown pre med .. There wasn’t a room for my participation, :).¬† Is Brown offering 6-year BS/MD program?¬† She looked at me blankly.¬† Oh well.¬† Maybe the ivy leagues have more than enough applicants, they don’t have to come up with new gimmick to compete for the brightest.¬† Considering the long internship many fields required, the 6-year combo is a good¬†way to start.

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Giants 16, Eagles 3

Without Tiki, Giants is doing fine, so far.¬† Forget about the Mets.¬†¬†I was too tired to stay up¬†after the half time, played 3 hours of tennis in the morning, had a busy Saturday, wasn’t going to go,¬†but¬†Michael needed his sweater (he¬†left on the court¬†..)..¬†¬†Ended up,¬†worked on my steps with Wah Zai, he keeps saying, ‘relax .. relax your shoulders ..’¬† Watching him play, I do see that¬†he’s very relaxed, slow¬†and¬†moves well.¬† Everyone has their opinions about my game, :).¬† I teamed up with Cheng and he asked me where is my single hand backhand.

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