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“I want to play with you”

One weekend I was playing with seven handsomes at Whitney. A stocky man in his 40s or maybe 50s (hard to gauge his age because his weathered face) came empty handed except a lone tennis racket. He dressed in jeans and street sneakers. He watched us play and on the next change over, he came into our court and said with thick Hispanic accent,
“Can I play?”
“Sure. I’ll take a break.” I offered. All boys game, perfect.
“No, no, I want to play with you.” He pointed his index finger at me. He’s about my height. I could see the determination in his eyes.
We were bit surprised. Two boys graciously tried to vacant their spot, saying wanted to take a water break anyway. One remained and one sat down to watch.
We all harbored the same thought that he was either a tennis ace or …
As it turned out, he didn’t know how to play tennis but probably was very athletic during his younger days, or may still playing soccer.
We were all bit amused. I was struck at his gut. We were clearly not his group of people and playing the sport that he didn’t know how to play. Yet he asked to join the fun. We agreed to give him a chance.
How many people is willing to go out side of their comfort zone, risking rejection, trying something new? You would be surprised how many people are willing to give you an opportunity.
We saw him a few more times but he did not ask to play with us again.

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