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Meet the Fockers

Eastern Athletic ClubAfter few failed attempts, my Long Island 7.0 Mixed Doubles team finally met and played. Three handsomes and five beautifuls showed up for work at Eastern Athletic Club. We rotated around and played with and against each other. I was last for the game – could have been there early but I was too creative, took the 25A, Northern Blvd instead the more straightforward LIE. Far more scenic but ..

The Eastern Athletic Club in Dix Hills will be our home for the season, which starts last weekend and ends April 30, 2010. Our captain Jamie is a member there. Not sure what’s the cause but we didn’t play our opening match. The second match is this Sunday at World Gym in Setauket. I’m on the list. It’s far out in the Island, 60 miles!

The Northern State Parkway Reportedly we have a kid who’s just graduated from college. The top gun I hope.
One girl who dressed in pink is a singles player who lost her concentration often. I could relate to that. Although I’ve been playing doubles for the past few years but I found myself wondering around while the point was still in motion, often.

No do, Irene.

I took the Northern State Parkway home. The winding road was flanked by the turning leaves. Very pretty indeed.

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