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USTA Spring 2009 season rules

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My notes

There are more rules and regulations with main street weekend hackers than Wall Street professionals. So many that I have to take notes and post it here so it wouldn’t get lost or eaten by a dog. More to follow as I’m plowing further.

USTA Adult leagues are divided into layers of organization

  • National
  • Sectional (Eastern)
  • Regional (Metro; Long Island; NJ)
  • District (Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn)
  • Divisions

There are something ..

  • The Dos
    1. Validate your availability on MTG and make update as needed
    2. Confirm your match when you receive the line up
    3. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the match
  • On court
    1. Warm up properly
    2. Call out every score clearly
  • Don’t
    1. be late
    2. leave the court unless the match has complete
  • Be aware
    1. timed match

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